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1 night 2 days → 7 nights can be tried!
Trial courier service

For Friday arrivals only (arrival on Friday morning → return on Friday the following week), select your desired date and we will send the hand control parking spinner to the designated location. You only have to pay for shipping! (4,400 yen (consumption tax, etc. 400 yen)

For customers who are considering purchasing a hand control, we offer a rental service so that you can try out the feeling of using the product. In the campaign, you can try it until you get used to the operation and installation in 7 nights instead of 1 night and 2 days! Please fully check the installation method and the feeling of driving ^^ (Hokkaido and Okinawa prefectures are 5,500 yen (including consumption tax, etc. 500 yen)).

Trial flow *Please be sure to read

  1. Payment must be made 4 business days prior to the desired arrival
    date (Monday)


    After confirming the precautions and terms of use, please proceed from the “Apply for trial” button. After selecting the desired arrival date (arrival on Friday morning, return on Friday the following week), add it to the cart and purchase.
    If payment is not confirmed by 15:00 on Monday, 4 days before the scheduled date of use, you will be asked to change the trial schedule or cancel the trial.

  2. Product shipping

    We will ship the product on the Tuesday three days prior to your desired arrival date (Friday morning only).

  3. Day 1 (Friday)


    Upon arrival, please open the packing tape without cutting it with scissors.
    Try our products during a 7-night trial period.

  4. Day 8 (next Friday)

    Return the product
    to the shipping company

    After use, please return it as it was when you arrived.
    All products should be packed in a black bag and placed in the box upon arrival.
    Put the enclosed return slip into the card case, and stick two pieces of curing tape on it. Please return it to Yamato Transport (collection request or nearest sales office) by Friday.

*Please make sure to complete payment at least 4 business days prior to your desired arrival date (Friday morning only).

*Please note that if payment cannot be confirmed by Monday, 4 days before your desired arrival date, we will not be able to send the product.

*Please return it in the same condition as when you received it.

*Shipping to Hokkaido and Okinawa will cost 5,500 yen (of which 500 yen includes consumption tax).

*In the case of payment by cash on delivery, a cash on delivery fee will be charged. +1,100 yen (including consumption tax, etc. 100 yen).


  • As a general rule, this service can only be used once per customer.
    Please note that we may contact you for confirmation if you use the service multiple times.
  • Applications cannot be accepted if the application date is three days before the desired date.
  • Please be sure to contact us by phone or email if you need to extend the return period for any reason.
    Please note that an extension fee of 3,300 yen (including 300 yen for consumption tax, etc.) will be charged for each extended day.

*At the time of application, it is assumed that you have agreed to the notes and trial delivery service terms of use.

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