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From July 1, 2022, we have a new contact phone number. For inquiries by phone,
please call 044-440-4887
between 9:00 and 18:00 on weekdays. Please call this number 090-4426-7393 outside business hours, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
Feel free to contact us anytime ^^

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1

    How should a corporation place an order?

    Corporate customers can also purchase from the official mail order site in the same way as individual customers . When purchasing, please be sure to write your name and symptoms in the remarks column. It will be necessary for future maintenance. In addition, we have not set a price for commercial sales. Please note that this is the same for individual customers and corporate customers. If you purchase the hand control as a set with your car, please click the STEP 2 “Purchasing together with your car” button from the URL below and check the flow. We will explain tax exemption from the button for dealers in ④. Flow when purchasing as a set with a car (Please check from STEP2).

  • Q2

    Please tell me how to apply for subsidy.

    Please check whether you can apply for a subsidy on the subsidy application page STEP1, or check with the nearest Welfare Division. On the subsidy application page STEP2, check the subsidy application flow and apply for the documents. Please be sure to check the application flow on this page as it is different from when purchasing with a car as a set and when applying for hand control only. Check the subsidy application flow.

  • Q3

    Do you sell used hand controls?

    We sell outlet hand controls at official mail order. The sales period will be displayed as soon as the inventory of the outlet can be secured, and it may be out of stock at the customer’s timing. Since it is an outlet certified by Nico Drive, it can be used safely and securely just like a normal hand control. Differences from new products include the presence or absence of scratches and different colors of parts. View Outlet Products.

  • Q4

    Can hand controls be used with an ordinary driver’s license?

    If you have a normal driver’s license (AT car) and you have no obstacles in your hands, you can drive.

    List of usage results by disease and injury

  • Q5

    How can I purchase a car and hand control as a tax-free set?

    Please check the subsidy application process. First of all, please check with the nearest Welfare Division to see if you can apply for a subsidy. After that, please click on the method of purchasing with the car from STEP2 and check the flow. *We do not know all of the subsidized projects and subsidized projects implemented by each local government. The guidelines and grant conditions vary by municipality, so please contact the Welfare Division in your area for details on procedures and documents to prepare. Please contact us if you have any documents that we need to prepare for your application.


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