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It’s easy now and I can’t help it!


I got used to the operation completely in about 1km.


The best part is that you can take the hand control with you and use it for travel.


I’m happy that I can drive myself to see my friends all over Japan.


Discomfort in driving operation disappears immediately!


It immediately feels like a manual device that you normally use.

Monica Seryu

Murozumi Fumio

Tomoko Shimizu

Kaoru Fukuzaki

Kouji Ishii




  • I was wondering how to get my license

    I wanted to get a driver’s license, but I wasn’t sure how to get a driver’s license because there was no driving school with a manual driving device within my commutable distance. There is a person using this hand control on the video site, and there is such a device. That was how I got to know Nico Drive. I didn’t buy it right away because it took a long time to get permission from the driving school to bring in the hand control and it was expensive. After using it, my hands get sore when I’m driving uphill for a long time (sweat). It is useful because it can be easily removed by yourself and attached to any car. Why don’t you make an effort to let people know hand control at a driving school or a rehabilitation facility?

    [ Niigata Prefecture/Female in her 20s/K・K ]

  • Above all, escape from the hikikomori life!

    Until two years ago, I was able to do things without any inconvenience, but an accident forced me to shut myself up at home because everything was taken care of. I needed a car to raise my children, but I had completely given up on it. Reluctantly, I found Nico Drive while browsing the internet. Her husband was in the automobile business, and he pushed her back saying, “I might be able to do this.” To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to use it, and I was very worried, but I had the courage to take the first step and purchased it. It was really nice. The homepage was very warm and felt familiar. It’s easy, you can challenge yourself to drive without modifying your car, and you’re full of gratitude. I’m still practicing, but I’ve been able to pick up and drop off my children at the hospital and on rainy days, and above all, I’ve escaped from the life of a hikikomori. Why not give a demonstration at a place where people with disabilities gather, or have posters put up at government offices, hospitals, etc.? Keep giving hope to more people!!

    [ Aichi Prefecture/Female in her 40s/K.S. ]

  • Right Achilles tendon rupture. It was very helpful.

    I had a ruptured right Achilles tendon, and since I commute to work by car, I was worried about what to do after my sick leave. Whereas it takes 15 minutes by car, it takes more than 40 minutes by bus. There was also a pick-up for my son in kindergarten. I found it by searching for “lower limb disability driving” on the Internet. Since it was a ruptured right Achilles tendon, I wondered if I should spend 100,000 yen for 3 months of use until it healed, and it would be a waste to dispose of it when it was no longer needed. I was. I don’t have to modify the car, so I’ll take it off when the injury heals, and I’d like to give it to my father who has a bad leg in the future. Her husband installed her and it took about 10 minutes. I sometimes adjust it to make sure there is no looseness. For about a week while I wasn’t used to it, I had a squeak when braking, but once I got the hang of it, it’s fine. It was very helpful. If you introduce it at events such as the Olympics and Paralympics, it will spread.

    [ Hokkaido/Female in her 40s/T.K ]

  • I had given up on not being able to ride a car again

    About 2 or 3 years ago, a condition was added to my driver’s license due to a disability, and I was told to use the accelerator and brake by hand. Once I said that I couldn’t drive a car anymore, I gave up, and the car was also disposed of at that time. As soon as I saw the news on NHK Hokkaido, I called and asked in detail what it was like. After that, although it was a used car, I also arranged a car and purchased it immediately. After using it, I was a little worried about the play between brake and accelerator operation, but it is easy to install.

    [ Hokkaido/Male in his 60s/Yu Kawashima ]

  • Introduced by the person in charge, purchased immediately

    I had a condition at the driver’s license test center. I have a disability, but I can move my hands, so I was looking for a device that would allow me to drive in that state. bottom. When I received an aptitude test for the physically challenged at the driver’s license test center in Sapporo, I was introduced to it by the person in charge and immediately purchased it. The decisive factor is that it can be easily retrofitted without modifying the existing car. Since the movement of my fingers is a little difficult, I use a string or belt to hold it in place while driving. There is a hospital specializing in spinal cord injury in M ​​City, Hokkaido. I think there are many people who would be saved if a catalog was placed at such a hospital.

    [ Hokkaido/Male in his 60s/S・K ]

  • Simple structure, reliable accelerator braking

    Previously, NHK News? I saw the news report. I think I checked with NHK the next day. I researched what other items there were, and was able to issue a handicapped person’s handbook. You can understand that the structure is simple and that the accelerator brake can be operated reliably. After installation, I was able to drive immediately after confirming the movement of the accelerator. Regarding the installation of the parking brake lever, I think it would be better if it could be installed and removed a little more easily. I feel that demonstrations at stores, commercial facilities, and rehabilitation-centered care facilities are effective. It seems that the people at the Nara test site and the Public Safety Commission didn’t know, and the materials were copied. PR to such a place.

    [ Nara Prefecture/Male in his 50s/Mr. T.N ]

  • There is such a thing! I was surprised with.

    When I was driving a car, I had an experience where I couldn’t step on the brake pedal because my foot wouldn’t move right before I changed my foot on the pedal. I just happened to see this online and was surprised to find it. I had been consulting with the dealer for a long time, but I thought that I had no choice but to modify it. I bought it immediately because I didn’t have to mess around with the car. I am satisfied because it does not require modification, it can be controlled by installing it, and it is easy to operate. Commuting by car, snowy roads in the coming winter are also manageable. It took me three months to get used to the one-handed steering wheel brake. Why don’t you try PR to dealers and PR to disabled people’s groups, I don’t think they are known.

    [ Yamagata Prefecture/Male in his 50s/M.M. ]

  • Driving a car, in a silly situation.

    Due to the recurrence of the disease, the function of my right foot has deteriorated, and it has become difficult to move my foot to the brake. I found it on the internet and bought it immediately, because it was a perfect situation. I decided on price and functionality. Try it, it’s very easy to use and easy to install. I would like to continue using my right leg as part of my rehabilitation. So, I think it would be even better if you could improve the brake only specification so that you can step on the accelerator with your right foot.

    [ Hyogo Prefecture/Male in his 50s/Mr. Takayuki Sakai ]

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